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{excerpt}Integrates Hudson with Jabber instant messaging protocol. Note that you also need to install the [instant-messaging plugin|].
{excerpt}This allows Hudson to send notifications via Jabber, as well as let users talk to Hudson and run commands. 

The Jabber Plugin is now being maintained at the Jenkins site. It should still be compatible with Hudson installs unless otherwise noted.

h3. Features

See [instant-messaging plugin|].

h3. Connecting to Google Talk

If you have a GMail or Google Mail account, specify the full e-mail address, such as {{}}. If you are a Google App user, specify full e-mail address like {{}}

NB: if you have a european gmail account, you may need

Expand "Advanced settings" and put server address {{}} otherwise it +won't work+.

h3. [Known Issues|,+priority+DESC,+created+ASC&mode=hide]

* see the [issue tracker|,+priority+DESC,+created+ASC&mode=hide] for  open issues

h3. Debugging Problems

If you experience any problems using the plugin please increase the log level of the logger _hudson.plugins.jabber_ to FINEST (see [Logging|HUDSON:Logging] ), try to reproduce the problem and attach the collected logs to the JIRA issue.

h3. Changelog

h3. Version 1.13

* new feature: new chat notifier which prints the failing tests, too [HUDSON-7035|]

h3. Version 1.12

* improvement: bot commands are now extensible and open for other plugins (see class BotCommand).
* improvement: added an extension point to customize the message the bot sends to chats for notification (see class BuildToChatNotifier).
* improvement: re-added legacy SSL support (seems like there are still some XMPP servers out there which need it) ([HUDSON-6863|] )

h3. Version 1.11

* fixed: disconnects (and no reconnects) when changing the global config ([HUDSON-6993|])
* improved behaviour when plugin is disabled. I.e. doesn't log unnecessary stuff.
* fixed: plugin's configure option not visible [HUDSON-5978|] [HUDSON-5233|]

h3. Version 1.10

* fixed: _notify upstream commiter_ would have notified committers of 'old' builds ([HUDSON-6712|])
* improvement: print useful project names for matrix jobs ([HUDSON-6560|] )
* fixed: don't delay Hudson startup ([HUDSON-4346|] )
* feature: _userstat_ command for bot ([HUDSON-6147|] )
* fixed: don't count offline computer for the executors count ([HUDSON-6387|])
* improvement: print fully qualified Jabber ID in build cause ([HUDSON-4970|] )

h3. Version 1.9

* allow to pass build parameters with the _build_ command ([HUDSON-5058|] )
* fixed: bot disconnected from conferences _when expose_ presence was _false_ ([HUDSON-6101|] )

h3. Version 1.8

* fixed connection problem with eJabberd ([HUDSON-6032|])
* fixed connection problem with GoogleTalk ([HUDSON-6009|], [HUDSON-6018|])
** if connection does not out-of-the-box, please disable SASL authentication (new Jabber option under _'Configure System'_) and try again
* fixed connection problem with Prosody server ([HUDSON-5803|])

h3. Version 1.7

*ATTENTION again: there seem to be issues authenticating to several Jabber servers with this release. So currently the best option is to stay with Jabber v1.5 and instant-messaging v1.4. Sorry for all the inconvenience\!*

* fixed regression introduced in 1.6: old target configurations weren't read correctly ([HUDSON-5976|])
* upgrade to Smack library 3.1.0 ([HUDSON-5805|])
** *ATTENTION: Legacy SSL is no longer supported. If you really need Legacy SSL, you should stay with v1.5 and instant-messaging plugin v1.4.*
* Acceptance mode for subscription requests is now configurable ([HUDSON-5836|])
** Attention: this feature is not tested thoroughly, yet

h3. Version 1.6

*ATTENTION: there seems to be an issue with reading old configs. I'll publish a fixed version shortly\!*

* compatibility with instant-messaging plugin 1.5

h3. Version 1.5

* new option to inform upstream committers ([HUDSON-4629|] )

h3. Version 1.4

* compatibility with instant-messaging plugin 1.3
* some very minor issues

h3. Version 1.3

* fixed: NullPointerException if plugin was disabled in global config

h3. Version 1.2

* fixed wrong order of Hudson credentials \[[HUDSON-4721|] \]

h3. Version 1.1

* works in secured Hudson instances if you specify a username and password for the Jabber bot
* new \!comment command which adds a description to builds
* show dependency to instant-messaging plugin in update center description (D'oh, that didn't work as expected. Hope it will in 1.2)
* this version needs Hudson 1.319 or higher

h3. Version 1.0

* This is the first release which is based on the [Instant Messaging Plugin|HUDSON:Instant Messaging Plugin]
** Make sure that the instant messaging plugin is installed, too
** ATTENTION: Although much care has been taken to make this version compatible with 0.11 it cannot be guaranteed that all configuration options can be migrated successfully\!
* enable/disable checkbox \[[HUDSON-2495|]\] 
* made reconnection logic more robust
* fixed status not going back to 'available' after build finishes (again) \[[HUDSON-4337|]\]

h3. Version 0.11

* fixed per-job configuration display
* fixed jabber user-property not being visible
* command aliases in bot
* fixed status not going back to 'available' after build finishes \[[HUDSON-4337|]\]
* option to inform 'culprits' on subsequent build failures

h3. Version 0.10

* fixed infinite loop if previous build was aborted \[[HUDSON-4290|]\]
* plugin's Jabber status changes based on Hudson's busy state \[[HUDSON-620|]\]
* fixed handling of single quotes \[[HUDSON-3215|]\]
* started refactoring to split-out protocol independent part in a shareable plugin


h3. Version 0.9

* automatic reconnect on lost connections
* new notification strategy: "failures and fixes"
* default suffix for Jabber IDs. When entered, Jabber IDs can be inferred from Hudson user ids
I.e. Jabber ID = <hudson_id><extension> ([issue #1527|])
* 'botsnack' command massively improved ;-)
* 'status' command can show all jobs for a view (-v <view>)
* new 'health' command
* bot now also works in 1-on-1 chat ([issue 4057|])
* lots of refactorings and code clean up

h3. Version 0.8

* Two new commands are added: "\!testresult" and "\!abort"

h3. Version 0.7

* URL Encoding in messages for SCM suspects ([issue #2693|])
* Add legacy SSL support and alternate nickname for group-chat ([issue #2699|])
* Jobs with spaces can now be launched via messages ([issue #2700|])

h3. Version 0.6

* Notification for maven builds

h3. Version 0.5

* Updated to work with Hudson 1.218.
* Fix for url encoding ([issue #909|])

h3. 0.4 (2007/11/22)

* Organized the configuration screen for gradual exposure to details.
* The plugin now works with Google Talk. ([1021@issue])
* Improved help documentation.
* Fixed NPE when no initial group chat is configured.