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Hudson is extended through the use of plugins. Plugins integrate Hudson with a range of build, SCM, testing and other ALM/SDLC tools.

All available plugins can be browsed at [Hudson Plugin Central|]

* [Plugin Categories|#categories]
* [Plugins By Topic Overview|]
* [How to install a plugin|#install]
* [How to develop your own plugin|HUDSON:Extend Hudson]
* [How to release your plugin|HUDSON:Releasing Hudson Plugin]
* [How to host your plugin|HUDSON:Hosting Hudson Plugins]


h1. Plugin Categories

h4. Compatibility or Mandatory Plugins

Following plugins are mandatory for Hudson (3.0.0 and newer) to work properly. They must be installed before using Hudson.

* Native Access Plugin
* BIRT Charts plugin
* Xpath support plugin

h4. Featured Plugin

The following plugins are developed and maintained by Hudson core team. They are tested as part of the [QA certification process|HUDSON:Development Lifecycle]
* [HUDSON:CVS Plugin]
* JFreechart plugin
* [Git Plugin|]
* Groovy Script support plugin
* [Legacy Maven 2 Project Plugin|Hudson:Maven 2 Project Plugin]
* Maven 3 Plugin
* REST plugin
* [Hudson:SSH Slaves Plugin]
* [Hudson:Subversion Plugin]
* Translation
* Windows Slave Plugin

h4. Recommended Plugins

The following plugins are widely used plugins and are tested as part of the [QA certification process|HUDSON:Development Lifecycle]
* active-directory
* artifactory
* backup
* batch-task
* [build timeout|]
* checkstyle
* [clover|HUDSON:Clover Plugin]
* cobertura
* [copy-artifact|]
* dashboard-view
* [deploy|]
* [disk usage|]
* downstream-buildview
* dry
* email-ext
* emma
* extended-read-permission
* findbugs
* ftppublisher
* gerrit
* global-build-stats
* htmlpublisher
* jacoco
* jira
* jobConfigHistory
* log-parser
* mercurial
* [parameterized trigger|]
* pmd
* postbuild-task
* project-health-report
* [promoted builds|]
* release
* scp
* sonar
* ssh
* svn-tag
* tasks
* violations
* warnings
* ws-cleanup

h4. Other Plugins

All other plugins in the [Hudson Plugin Central|] are not QA certified. However, these plugins are auto tested to load correctly in Hudson.

h1. How to install plugins


h4. Using the interface

The simplest way is by going to your installation's management screen and clicking _Manage Plugins_ ({{http:}}{{//yourhost/hudson/pluginManager/}}). The web interface will then download {{\*.hpi}} files from here, and you will just need to restart your Hudson to pick up the changes.

h4. By hand

[Download Site|]

Save the downloaded {{\*.hpi}} file into the {{$HUDSON_HOME/plugins}} directory. You will then need to restart Hudson (many containers let you do this without restarting the container.)

Caveat: the names of the plugin directories on the download site are not always matching the name given to the plugin; common sense should apply.

h1. Developer Information

Plugin developers should take a look at [Hosting Hudson Plugins]
* [Hosting Hudson Plugins]
* [Source code copyright|Copyright on source code]