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This plugin allows building Scala projects using [sbt|].

h2. Configure the sbt plugin

* In order to set up sbt-plugin, you need to specify the location of the sbt launch jar. Press the *Manage Hudson* link and then the *Configure System*. You should now see the sbt configuration section where you will be asked to specify the sbt launch jar.


h2. Configure your project to use sbt

* Open your project configuration and add a *Build using SBT* build step


* Now, add any jvm and sbt flags you need for your build, and specify which actions you want to run. Keep the *-Dsbt.log.noformat=true* sbt flag to keep the console output clean.


* Once you saved the project configuration, you can run your project and watch the virtual console to see the magical sbt work.

h2. Todo
* Allow multiple sbt launchers
* Allow downloading an sbt launcher
* Find a way to publish test results when the project does not have a test listener which creates junit xml (see [Christoph Henkelmann’s Blog|])

h2. Changelog

h3. Version 1.0
* Initial release

h3. Version 1.1 (coming soon)
* [Handle multi-word actions correctly|] (thanks to [ijuma|]).