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h1. Summary

{excerpt}This plugin integrates Hudson with [StarTeam|], Borland's crossplatform SCM solution.{excerpt} The plugin allows a project to be associated with a given StarTeam folder, in a given view and project.

{hudson-plugin-info:pluginId=starteam}The plugin currently supports the following:
* Checkout
* Polling
* Distributed Hudson

Plans for the future include:
* Proper changelog handling
* Labeling support

see SVN branch starteam-0.3-SNAPSHOT for changes included in [HUDSON-2879|] and in attched zip file.

Author: [Ilkka Laukkanen|]

I'm no longer maintaining this plugin because I don't have the time. \--Ilkka

h1. Requirements

The plugin requires the StarTeam SDK, StarTeam extensions and jsafe libraries in Hudson's classpath. These files are included in the freely downloadable StarTeam SDK package from Borland (Micro Focus) , and may be installed by e.g. dropping them in Hudson's WEB-INF/lib directory.

h1. Notes

The plugin currently always converts line endings to the host format on checkout.

h1. Usage

There is no global configuration for this plugin. Instead, configure a project to use StarTeam SCM. The following option settings appear:
* Hostname - the name of the StarTeam server
* Port - the port number
* Project - the name of the project in StarTeam
* View - the name of the view inside the project (e.g. "VIEW1")
* Folder - the name of the root folder of your project, including the view's root folder (e.g. the root folder of view "VIEW1" could be "ROOTFOLDER1". And if your project Root folder lies under this as say "RELEASE1", in this case the entry should be "ROOTFOLDER1\RELEASE1")
* Label - name of the StarTeam label for checking out the project
* Promotion State - is label actual label or StarTeam promotion state
* Username
* Password

h1. Building and Passing Unit Tests

Please see the project [README|].  You will need to download some jar files from borland and configure your maven settings.

h1. Version History

h4. Version 0.7.x (No Schedule)

* Update code for more recent Hudson version

h4. Version 0.6.x (No Schedule)

* Allow checkout/polling by labels


h4. Version 0.6.4 (No Schedule)

* Fix checkout on slaves


h4. Version 0.6.3 (Aug 5, 2010)

* Fix for checkout/polling by labels
* Shows changes by labels correctly
* Still in a testing stage

h4. Version 0.6.2 (Jul 28, 2010)

* Initial version for checkout/polling by labels

h4. Version 0.5 (Jul 15, 2010)

* Increase in test coverage
* Incorporating code from [HUDSON-2879|]
** includes addition of change log

h4. Version 0.4 (July 12, 2010)

* Update code for more recent Hudson
* Fix for [HUDSON-6881|]

h4. Version 0.2 (Feb 10, 2010)

* Update code for more recent Hudson

h4. Version 0.1.7 (Jul 13, 2009)

* bug fixed´╝Üdistributed build

h4. Version 0.1 (Dec 11, 2007)

* Initial release. Checkout and polling work.