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{excerpt}This plugin allows you to use [CA Harvest|] as a SCM.{excerpt}

h1. Configuring the Harvest Plugin

First things first - install the plugin, either through the Hudson plugin administration, or manually. In either case, a restart of Hudson is required.

h2. Configuring the Harvest Settings

Once Hudson has restarted, select _Manage Hudson_ from the main menu, then select _Configure System_ from the options presented:

\\ !HarvestManage.png!\\
 If the plugin was installed properly, you should find a section on this page for Harvest which looks like this:
\\ !HarvestCheckout.png!

h2. Configuring a Build to Use Harvest

Once the server settings are configured, new builds can choose it for pulling down code. Create a new build, give it a job name, and select the type of build (free-style, maven2, etc) and click _OK_. On the subsequent screen, you'll see a section called _Source Code Management_ where you can select Harvest. Select Harvest, and the following options will appear:
\\ !HarvestBuild.png!

h1. Change Log

h4. Version 0.3 (Mar 3, 2010)
* Update code for more recent Hudson

h4. Version 0.2.7 (Sep 5, 2009)