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{hudson-plugin-info:pluginId=dry}{excerpt}This plugin generates the trend report for duplicate code checkers like [CPD|]. {excerpt}

h1. Quick Overview

{note:title=Installation Requirements}This plug-in requires the utility plug-in "analysis-core" (called "Static Analysis Utilities" in the update manager). Please ensure that the latest version of this plug-in is also installed.
h1. Description

(on) This plug-in is supported by the [Static Analysis Collector plug-in |HUDSON:Analysis Collector Plugin]that collects different analysis results and shows the results in aggregated trend graphs. Additionally, health reporting and build stability is also based on the aggregated results.

The [DRY principle|] (don't repeat yourself) of the [pragmatic programmers|] states that every piece of system knowledge should have one authoritative, unambiguous representation. The Hudson dry plug-in helps you to adhere to this principle by showing you the duplicate code blocks in your project.

This plug-in does not scan for duplicate code by itself; it only shows the results of duplicate code checker tools. Currently only [CPD|] is supported. This plug-in is part of the suite of static code analysis plug-ins that are documented on a [separate WIKI page|Static Code Analysis Plug-ins].

The following features are provided by this plug-in:
* Configuration of the files to scan after a build.
* [Build summary|Static Code Analysis Plug-ins#summary] showing the new and fixed warnings of a build
* [Several trend reports|Static Code Analysis Plug-ins#trend] showing the number of warnings per build
* [Overview|Static Code Analysis Plug-ins#overview] of the found warnings per module, package, category, or type
** Parsing of Maven pom.xml or Ant build.xml configuration files to obtain the module or project name
** Parsing of Java files to obtain the package name
* [Detail reports|Static Code Analysis Plug-ins#details] of the found warnings optionally filtered by severity (or new and fixed)
* [Colored HTML display|Static Code Analysis Plug-ins#source] of the corresponding source file and warning lines:
** Direct link to the warning line
** Highlighting of single lines as well as line ranges
** Highlighting of multiple line ranges per warning (different color for primary range)
** Tool tip describing the warning message
* Failure threshold to mark a build as unstable
* Configurable project health support
* Works with the freestyle and native m2 build options of Hudson (activated on goal pmd:cpd or site)
* [Remote API|Static Code Analysis Plug-ins#remote-api] to export the build quality and found warnings
* Localization available for: DE, JA (Please help to [localize DRY|Internationalization] for your locale\!)