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{excerpt}This plugin provides integration with Serena's PVCS Version Manager SCM.{excerpt}

h2. Configuring
Configuration of the PVCS plugin should be fairly straightforward, but my experience with PVCS is that _nothing_ about PVCS is straightforward, simple, or in line with how other SCM systems work. This plugin was developed around the PCLI command-line tool, and I basically had to bludgeon that utility into submission....

h3. System-level config

Specify the path to the {{pcli}} executable, or just use "pcli" if it is in the environment path of the user running Hudson.

h3. Basic config

h4. Project root
Specify the root of your project in this field. It is the path used by all PVCS clients (including the desktop GUI) to access your source.

h4. Archive root
This is the path to the actual archive files on the PVCS server's filesystem. This is required to determine which files were changed from build to build; you can go back and set this later, if you need to, without modifying your builds.

h4. Changelog prefix fudge
This is prefixed to the archive path of a file when determining the changes made to a build, after the "Archive root" (above) has been stripped off.

h4. Module
This is the path to the directory which will be recursively retrieved from the project root. It must start with a leading "/".

So, to tie it all together, let's say the top-level {{pom.xml}} for your Maven project is at {{/2008_10/myProject/pom.xml}}, with a PVCS project root of {{//repository/PVCS/October_Release}}. The archive files are stored on the PVCS server's filesystem at {{//repository/pvcs/repository/TRUNK}}, so {{/2008_10/myProject/pom.xml}} actually resides at {{//repository/pvcs/repository/TRUNK/myProject/pom.xml}}.

You would specify:

* the project root as {{//repository/PVCS/October_Release}}
* the archive root as {{//repository/pvcs/repository/TRUNK/myProject/pom.xml}}
* changelog prefix fudge as {{2008_10/}}
* module as {{/2008_10/myProject}}

h3. Advanced config

Since PVCS is too brain-dead to tell you when a file is deleted, it is best to leave this box checked so that all checked-out files will be deleted before a build is started. This ensures that your workspace accurately reflects the current state of the repository.

h2. Change Log
h5. Version 1.1 (Jul 21, 2010)
* Add ability to provide loginid, pvcs workspace, promotion group, version label while generating the pcli command
* Fix help links
* Updated code for more recent Hudson

h5. Version 1.0 (Nov 5, 2008)
* Initial release