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# create/copy jobs
h2. sSubmitting jobs

For a job with no parameters, you need merely go an HTTP GET on
h2. Sample code
[A simple client is available|] to demonstrate how you can invoke the XML from Java ([Java source|]) source|])

h2. XPath selection
depth value.
See {{.../api/}} on your Hudson server for more up-to-date details.

h2. Detecting Hudson version
To check the version of Hudson, load the top page and check for the "X-Hudson" response header. This contains the version number of Hudson, like "1.171" "1.358" This is also a good way to check if an URL is a Hudson URL.

h2. Discovering Hudson on the network
<version>1.2380</version> <!-- version of Hudson -->
<url>http://somwhere/hudson/</url> <!-- HTTP URL. Not available if not configured -->
<slave-port>12345</slave-port> <!-- if TCP slave listener port is configured, its number -->