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{info:title=New homepage}The plug-in is being maintained by its owner/maintainers from [a new home|]. The plug-in is still compatible with Hudson, however, the entry points for documentation and [issue reporting|] have been combined in order to provide a single point of entry.
{excerpt}Monitors web site up/down status.
{warning:title=Warning May No Longer be Maintained}The Author of this plugin has announced that he will not be making further bugfixes in this plugin

h2. Download & Installation

You can download the [latest .hpi|] and install it from Hudson Manage Plugins menu, or install this plugin directly from Hudson Plugins Update Center.

h2. Usage

# After installing the plugin, go to job configuration page, a checkbox with the text 'Monitor Site' should appear.
# Tick the checkbox, add the URL(s) that you want to monitor, and save the configuration.
# Run a build. After it's completed, a link to Site Monitor Report page should appear on the build page. The report page would contain web site status and response code.
# It is also possible to configure success response codes and timeout settings in Hudson global configuration page (Manage Hudson \-> Configure System)

h2. Screenshots