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{excerpt}Displays a picture of Chuck Norris (instead of Hudson the butler) and a random Chuck Norris 'The Programmer' fact on each build page.{excerpt}{warning:title=Warning May No Longer be Maintained}The Author of this plugin has announced that he will not be making further bugfixes in this plugin
{info:title=Development moved to Jenkins}
The author of this plugin has announced that he will not be making further bug fixes for this plugin in Hudson.\\
{warning} \\
The latest information can now be found on the Jenkins wiki:\\
h2. Download & Installation

You can download the [latest .hpi|] and install it from Hudson Manage Plugins menu, or install this plugin directly from Hudson Plugins Update Center.

h2. Usage

# After installing the plugin, go to job configuration page, a checkbox with the text 'Activate ChuckNorris' should appear.
# Tick the checkbox and save the configuration. For freestyle job, Chuck Norris image (along with a random quote) will appear on the job page.
# Run a build. After it's completed, Chuck Norris image (and the random quote) should also appear on the build page. This is applicable for both freestyle and Maven jobs.

h2. Screenshots



h2. FAQ

*Q:* I'm getting NonExistentFieldException in Hudson log file, how to fix this problem?
hudson.util.RobustReflectionConverter doUnmarshal
WARNING: Skipping a non-existent field fact
com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.NonExistentFieldException: No such field hudson.plugins.chucknorris.RoundhouseAction.fact
*A:* Upgrade to ChuckNorris Plugin 0.4 or newer. That should get rid of the exception message.

h2. Testimonials

* Uncle Bob Martin said ChuckNorris Plugin [is _very_ motivating|] .
* Fabrizio Giudici said [Kick your bugs in the ass\!|]
* John Ferguson Smart mentioned ChuckNorris Plugin in [Kickass Hudson Plugins|]
* [Tweets|] from various Hudson users.
* jrr wrote a Greasemonkey script called [de-norris hudson|] that performs client-side removal of ChuckNorris.

h2. Credits

[Chuck Norris 'The Programmer' facts|] and [Emotional Hudson Plugin|].