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{hudson-plugin-info:pluginId=xunit}{excerpt}This plugin makes it possible to publish the results of an execution of a testing tool in Hudson.{excerpt}\\

When this plugin is installed and configured, Hudson can transform test result report produced by different testing tools into JUnit test result. Then, the JUnit tests can be recorded by Hudson. Hudson can provide useful information about test results, such as historical test result trend, web UI for viewing test reports, tracking failures, and so on.

h1. Configuration

h2. Job Configuration

\* Execute your testing tools manually or as a step of your build chain
\* Give a pattern that specifies your test results

h2. Showing the details:

Manage Hudson > System Log > Add new log recorder.

Give a name as 'xUnit Logger' and add the following logger:
* _"XUnitService_" for a severity as 'all'

h2. Provide User XSL

For tools using a stylesheet to convert into JUnit files, you are able to use your own XSL at Hudson level.
Specify your XSLs in the HUDSON_HOME/useContent directory with the following convention

For example:

Note: The tool name and the version are taken from the label in the combo box from the UI.
If the tool doesn't have a version, do not create a version directory.