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{warning:title=No longer maintained on Hudson community}
There will not be making further bugfixes in this plugin in the Hudson Repository.
A compatible and maintained version can be found on Jenkins community
Look at [the new Jenkins Wiki page|http://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Cppcheck+Plugin]
{info:title=New homepage}The plug-in is being maintained by its owner/maintainers from [a new home|https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Cppcheck+Plugin]. The plug-in is still compatible with Hudson, however, the entry points for documentation and [issue reporting|http://issues.jenkins-ci.org] have been combined in order to provide a single point of entry.

{hudson-plugin-info:pluginId=cppcheck}{excerpt}This {excerpt}This plugin generates the trend report for [CppCheck|http://cppcheck.wiki.sourceforge.net/].{excerpt}\\
Cppcheck is a program trying to detect bugs that your C/C+\+ compiler don't see.
The goal is no false positives.

h1. Project Configuration


h1. Reporting





h1. Changelog

h2. 1.0 (in progress)

\* Providing a page dedicated for new errors
\* Fixing exception "java.util.NoSuchElementException: No more lines" when the selected file doesn't exist anymore for any reasons

h2. Release 0.10.3

\* Fixed [7448@issue]

h2. Release 0.10.2

\* Fixed a java.lang.NullPointerException when the file attribute for an error is not specified.

h2. Release 0.10.1

\* Integrated [6862@issue] fix

h2. Release 0.10

\* Fixed [6046@issue]
\* Fixed [5983@issue]
\* Added restriction to view sources only to users who has the 'WORKSPACE' permission.

h2. Release 0.9

\* Added backward compatibility with the cppceck plugin 0.6 (except to display source code)
\* Added a notification in the updateable list of plugins if a version of the plugin before version 0.7 was installed.

h2. Release 0.8

\* An empty source file or a directory as a the value of the file attribute are managed for the cppcheck result file

h2. Release 0.7

\* Added the ability to display cppcheck trend for each severity and the sum of all severities
\* Fixed [4322@issue] (Added the ability to reach source files on a slave node)

+Note+ : this version requires Hudson 1.321+.

h2. Release 0.6

\* Some check boxes has been introduced to select the severities for build health
\* Migrated to the cppcheck release (1.35)
\- The "all" severity is renamed to "possible error"
\- The "all style" severity is renamed to "possible style"

h2. Release 0.5.2

\* Fixed building on slaves (java.io.NotSerializableException: java.io.PrintStream)

h2. Release 0.5.1

\* Spelling correction

h2. Release 0.5

\* Added remote API for the plug-in results

h2. Release 0.4

\* Correction of the ambiguity of the analysis of workspace and module roots

h2. Release 0.3

\* Collecting multiple analysis files

h2. Release 0.2

\* Added the ability to go through source code
\* Added the ability to configure the build status and health

h2. Release 0.1

\* Initial Release