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h1. Basic Usage
*Using wget*
*Using curl*

{note}Jobs on Hudson need to be configured with the SCM polling option to benefit from this behavior. This is so that you can have some jobs that are never triggered by the post-commit hook, such as release related tasks, by omitting the SCM polling option.
The configured polling can have any schedule (probably infrequent like monthly or yearly). The net effect is as if polling happens out of their usual cycles.
h3. Windows specific post-commit hook
http.send changed
h3. Build with Tags
h1. Change Log
h3. Version 2.3.10 (
h3. Version 2.3.10 (Aug 5, 2014)

* Upgrade to svnkit 1.8.5
* 439300 - Selecting "Subversion Workspace Version" 1.7 checks-out workspace as 1.8
h3. Version 2.3.9 (
h3. Version 2.3.9 (June 26, 2014)
* Upgrade to svnkit 1.8.3-1
* Add possibility to ignore notifications from post-commit hooks