Hosting Hudson Plugins

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h1. Request hosting

Simply send e-mail to and tell us your github ID and plugin name, so that we can create your git repository and give you a commit access to your plugin at GitHub hudson-plugins project. Also create a wiki account for document your plugin details.

* Create free Github account at [|] 
{noformat}This ensures that the update center will list your plugin correctly.
*Note:* If you do not already have an account on the hudson-ci wiki, please email hudson-dev at for access.

Give your wiki page a label like "plugin-scm" or "plugin-misc" (click Labels at the bottom of the wiki Edit page and start typing "plugin-" to see all the possible labels). This will ensure the page shows up as a link in the appropriate section of [Plugins].

{note}If your plugin's component in JIRA is different than its artifact ID, use {{\{hudson-plugin-info:pluginId=your-artifact\|jiraComponent=your-plugin-component\}}} \- if your plugin's source is not in a sub-directory of "plugins" with the same name as your artifact, add "\|sourceDir=your-plugin-dir" as well.{note}
h1. Adding Maintainer Information