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Blacklist Plugin
Disables blacklisted features
Other labels: tier3-hudson-plugin
BruceSchneier Plugin
Displays a picture of Bruce Schneier (instead of Hudson the butler) and a random Bruce Schneier fact on each build page. !BruceSchneierPlugin.png!   Installation Install from Hudson Plugins Update Center. Usage # After installing the plugin, a checkbox with the text 'Active ...
ChuckNorris Plugin
Displays a picture of Chuck Norris (instead of Hudson the butler) and a random Chuck Norris 'The Programmer' fact on each build page. The author of this plugin has announced that he will not be making further bug fixes for this plugin in Hudson.\\ \\ The latest information can now ...
Other labels: tier3-hudson-plugin
Collapsing Console Sections Plugin
plugin allows the creation of sections in build consoles. These sections can be individually collapsed to hide unimportant details. A floating outline widget is available to navigate through all the sections of a build. Basic Usage This plugin requires Hudson 1.381 or newer. Once ...
Compact Columns
More compact columns for showing last success and failure. Easier to understand, and takes less room in your view. What is the "Latest Statuses" column? This column takes the "Last Success" and "Last Failure" columns and combines them into one easier to understand ...
Console Plugin
Enhanced console support
Other labels: tier3-hudson-plugin
Cron Column Plugin
Cron Column View column showing the cron trigger expressions that can be configured on a job (Subversion, Scheduled Builds, etc.) This is a ListViewColumn plugin that adds a column to a jobs overview page. The column displays the cronlike expression of each Trigger that can be configured ...
Dashboard View
plugin contributes a new view implementation that provides a dashboard / portallike view for your Hudson instance. Description This plugin contributes a new view implementation that provides a dashboard / portallike view for Hudson. Add new view On the Hudson main page, click ...
Other labels: tier3-hudson-plugin
dbCharts Plugin
Add charts based on JDBC database data series to the hudson.   \\ Change Log Version 0.3 (Mar 15, 2010) Avoid error if global config is saved with no JDBC connections (5916@issue) Version 0.2.1 ...
Other labels: plugin-report
Dependency Viewew Plugin
Shows the dependency graph of the Hudson projects or build using graphviz. Requires a graphviz installation on the server. This is a fork of the Dependency Graph View Plugin HUDSON:Dependency Graph View Plugin which in order to make it properly support Hudson and add some ...
Other labels: tier3-hudson-plugin