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  • Meeting Agenda

    This page has moved to the eclipse wiki http://wiki.eclipse.org/Hudsonci/communitymeetings
  • Fingerprint

    Wiki page moved to Eclipse Wiki http://wiki.eclipse.org/Hudsonci/fingerprint http://wiki.eclipse.org/Hudsonci/fingerprint
  • Governance

    Eclipse Foundation Move This page HUDSON:Hudson at Eclipse documents the remaining steps and additional phases and will tie in other topics relating to the move to the Eclipse Foundation. Community Governance Meetings This information has moved to http://wiki.eclipse.org/Hudsonci/communitymeetings , please go
  • Hudson Best Practices

    Page Moved to http://wiki.eclipse.org/Hudsonci/HudsonBestPractices http://wiki.eclipse.org/Hudsonci/HudsonBestPractices
  • ChuckNorris Plugin

    Displays a picture of Chuck Norris (instead of Hudson the butler) and a random Chuck Norris 'The Programmer' fact on each build page. The author of this plugin has announced that he will not be making further bug fixes for this plugin in Hudson. The latest information can now be found on the Jenkins wiki: http://wiki.
  • Bulk Builder Plugin

    This plugin has been moved to a new home https://wiki.jenkinsci.org/display/JENKINS/BulkBuilderPlugin. The plugin is still compatible with Hudson, however, the entry points for documentation and issue reporting http://issues.jenkinsci.org/ have been have been combined in order to provide a single point of entry
  • Dev Good Practice

    pushed to master $ git fetch // this moves 'origin/master' $ git rebase origin/master // this reapplies your local changes on top of origin/master $ git push
  • Copy Team CLI Plugin

    will be removed n (nodes) VAL : MOVE (move nodes to new team), VISIBLE (make nodes visible to new team), IGNORE (ignore nodes default), v (views) VAL : MOVE (move views
  • Audit Trail Plugin

    . Version 1.0 (15Jan2009) Initial release. moved to jenkins
  • CIFS-Publisher Plugin

    . Moved plugin to GitHub Version 1.1.4 Fixed issue with winsServer parameter Fixed issue with share directory not being used when the artifact is actually