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Plugin ID thinBackup
Latest Release 1.7.2-h-2
Latest Release Date May 6, 2014
Plugin Central Plugin Central 3.2
Sources Github
Support Eclipse Hudson Forum
Issue Tracking Eclipse Bugzilla
Hudson Core (latest) 3.3.3

This plugin simply backs up the global and job specific configurations (not the archive or the workspace).


This plugin needs Hudson 1.377 or newer for automated backups (manual backups also work in older versions).

Why another backup plugin

The Backup Plugin only does manual backups, and stores all data found in HUDSON_HOME. This is sometimes (e.g. big hudson environment) not practicable because of time and disk space requirements, and because it can only be manually triggered. thinBackups can be scheduled, only backs up the most vital configuration info.


This plugin adds another management link to 'Manage Hudson' called ThinBackup which looks like this:

This new link provides the following actions:

Backup Now

Triggers a manual full back right now.


Select the date of the backup you would like to restore. After the restore finishes you are redirected to the plugin main page. To activate the restored settings you need to restart hudson.

Note: The file 'nextBuildnumber' will not be backed up or restored to prevent buildnumber collision. The archive and the workspace will not be deleted or changed, but all backed up files will simply be overwritten with the restored versions (e.g. config.xml, thinBackup.xml -> for more info simply look in a backup).



Backup directory

Specify the backup directory. The hudson process needs write access to this directory.

Backup schedule for full backups

Specify schedule when a full backup is triggered. Cron notation is used. A full backup backs up all files even if there were no changes.

Backup schedule for differential backups

Specify schedule when a differential backup is triggered. Cron notation is used. A differential backup stores only modified data since the last full backup. If there are no changes detected, no diff backup will be created.
Note: You do not need to specify a differential backup schedule if you only need full backups. Because differential backups depend on full backups, a schedule for full backups is mandatory if you specify a differential backup schedule.

Max number of stored full backups

To save disk space you can specify the maximum number of stored full backups. Older ones will be deleted after the next full backup action. Also note that as diff backups do not make sense without their referenced full backup, the referencing diff backups will also be deleted.

Clean up differential backups

If this option is enabled, all differential backups are removed whenever a new full backup is done.


Version Comment
1.0 never published because of release problems
1.1 first published version

Feature Requests

Please let us know if you would have another option or feature for this plugin by simply enter an issue or write us an email. THANKS


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