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Plugin Information

Plugin ID sbt
Latest Release 1.0
Latest Release Date Jan 21, 2011
Plugin Central Plugin Central 3.2
Sources Github
Support Eclipse Hudson Forum
Issue Tracking Eclipse Bugzilla
Hudson Core (latest) 3.3.3

This plugin allows building Scala projects using sbt.

Configure the sbt plugin

  • In order to set up sbt-plugin, you need to specify the location of the sbt launch jar. Press the Manage Hudson link and then the Configure System. You should now see the sbt configuration section where you will be asked to specify the sbt launch jar.

Configure your project to use sbt

  • Open your project configuration and add a Build using SBT build step

  • Now, add any jvm and sbt flags you need for your build, and specify which actions you want to run. Keep the -Dsbt.log.noformat=true sbt flag to keep the console output clean.

  • Once you saved the project configuration, you can run your project and watch the virtual console to see the magical sbt work.


  • Allow multiple sbt launchers
  • Allow downloading an sbt launcher
  • Find a way to publish test results when the project does not have a test listener which creates junit xml (see Christoph Henkelmann’s Blog)


Version 1.0

  • Initial release

Version 1.1 (coming soon)


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