Warnings Plugin

Plugin Information

Plugin ID warnings
Latest Release 4.23-h-1
Latest Release Date Mar 26, 2013
Plugin Central Plugin Central 3.2
Sources Github
Support Eclipse Hudson Forum
Issue Tracking Eclipse Bugzilla
Hudson Core (latest) 3.3.3

This plugin generates the trend report for compiler warnings in the console log or in log files.

Quick Overview

Installation Requirements
This plug-in requires the utility plug-in "analysis-core" (called "Static Analysis Utilities" in the update manager). Please ensure that the latest version of this plug-in is also installed.



This plug-in is supported by the Static Analysis Collector plug-in that collects different analysis results and shows the results in aggregated trend graphs. Additionally, health reporting and build stability is also based on the aggregated results.

The Warnings plug-in scans the console log or specified log files for warnings of different formats and reports the number of warnings found. This plug-in is part of the suite of static code analysis plug-ins that are documented on a separate WIKI page.

  • Support for javac (ant, maven, command line), Eclipse Java Compiler, JavaDoc Compiler, Hudson HPI, MSBuild, GCC, GNU Linker, SUN Studio C++, Gnat (Ada), Erlang, PC-Lint compiler warnings (configuration of PcLint), Eclipse Buckminster, Oracle Invalids, Doxygen, Robocopy, Perforce, Cobol, PHP, Flex
  • Build summary showing the new and fixed warnings of a build
  • Several trend reports showing the number of warnings per build
  • Overview of the found warnings per module, package, category, or type
    • Parsing of Maven pom.xml or Ant build.xml configuration files to obtain the module or project name
    • Parsing of Java or C# files to obtain the package or name space name
  • Detail reports of the found warnings optionally filtered by severity (or new and fixed)
  • Colored HTML display of the corresponding source file and warning lines:
    • Direct link to the warning line
    • Highlighting of single lines as well as line ranges
    • Highlighting of multiple line ranges per warning (different color for primary range)
    • Tool tip describing the warning message
  • Failure threshold to mark a build as unstable
  • Configurable project health support
  • Works with the freestyle and native m2 build option of Hudson (activated on goal compile)
  • Remote API to export the build quality and found warnings
  • Localization available for: DE, JA (Please help to localize findbugs for your locale!)


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