Warnings ChangeLog


Release 2.14

  • Added support for GCC include warnings (issue #4383, thanks to metavalon for the patch)
  • Added support for YUI Compressor warnings (issue #4502, thanks to pascalra for the patch)
  • Fixed warning counter if the same warning occurs several times (issue #4472)
  • Improved GCC warning detection (issue #4382)
  • Fixed display of source code browsing of old builds

Release 2.12

  • Added support for Objective C warnings (issue #4274)
  • Fixed False Warnings reported when using the exclude (issue #4260)
  • Copy affected files to build folder to provide source code browsing of old builds

Release 2.11

Release 2.10

  • Fixed the "run on failed builds" option

Release 2.9

  • Added an include filter for warnings, thanks to Alexey Vladykin for the patch (issue #3866)
  • Added support for Eclipse Buckminster, thanks to Johannes Utzig for the patch
  • Added remote API for the plug-in results (report: thanks to Rob Oxspring for the patch)
  • Improved parsing of gcc messages (report)

Release 2.8

  • Added new trend graphs and a configuration screen per job or per user.
  • Fixed module detection if the plug-in parses warnings from several files (issue #3620).
  • Added an option to skip the console log and to parse only the warnings in the specified set of files (issue #3339).
  • Added support for MSBuild parser error messages (issue #3582).

Release 2.7

  • Improved computation of new warnings detection (report)
  • Added Japanese localization (thanks to Itou Akihiro!)

Release 2.5

  • Added configuration option to invoke the plug-in for failed builds (issue #3327).
  • Fixed build health reporting and failure thresholds for native m2 builds (issue #3310).

Release 2.4

  • Added support for another type of Pc-Lint warnings

Release 2.3

  • Added support of IAR and PcLint warnings (Thanks to Claus Klein for the patch)
  • Added build status thresholds: now you can set the build status to unstable or failure if the total number of the number of new warnings exceeds the defined thresholds (issue #2537, issue #3024).
  • Improved new warning detection: now warnings are only considered as new if the associated source code context (3 lines of code) differs.

Release 2.2

  • Added validation of file pattern in configuration screen

Release 2.1

  • Fixed priority evaluation radio buttons in configuration screen (issue #2805)

Release 2.0

  • Added new configuration entry "default encoding" that is used when the plug-in reads or parses files (issue #1999)
  • Added configuration option to specify the actual warnings parsers (issue #2462). This fix should also reduce the memory footprint and execution time (issue #2660).
  • Guess the Ant or Maven module names when scanning the files (issue #2657).

Release 1.28

  • Speedup of summary graphs (issue #2658)
  • Fixed missing initialization of priority evaluation radio buttons (issue #2520)

Release 1.27

  • Improved speed of warning scanners (thanks to Bernhard Berger for the patch, issue #2635)
  • Fixed source code display of affected files if the plug-in scans for warnings in the specified file set

Release 1.26

  • Added support for Gnat (Ada compiler) warnings (thanks to Bernhard Berger for the patch, issue #2607)
  • Added support for Erlang warnings (thanks to Stefan Brausch for the patch, issue #2621)

Release 1.24

  • Fixed aggregation for packages (thanks to Vladimir Kvashin for the patch)

Release 1.23

  • Added zero warnings high score status: you will see if you reached a new high score (e.g., the time your build stays in a zero warnings state). If you have a zero warnings build, but no high score yet then you will see the number of days still to go until you reach the high score.
  • Copy files that contain annotations from slave to master (issue #1749, issue #2371)
  • Fixed overall module summary in m2 jobs (wrong number of scanned files: issue #2347)
  • Added detection of fatal compile errors (MSBuild parser, see issue #2511)

Release 1.22

  • Added support for GNU Linker errors (thanks to Brian Gerkey for the patch)

Release 1.21

  • Added support for Java Invalids on Oracle databases
  • Improved regular expression for GCC parser (now correctly works with line numbers and columns, thanks to Brian Gerkey for the patch)

Release 1.20

  • Improved performance of relative file name resolution (thanks to Alfred Messner for the patch)
  • Fixed wrong links to package and module details if the name contains illegal hyperlink characters (issue #2476).
  • Tables are now sorted by the first column on loading (issue #2464).

Release 1.19

  • Improved regular expression for ant javac warnings: now different task names are handled correctly
  • Improved regular expression for MSBuild warnings: warning identifiers are parsed case insensitve now (issue #2383, issue #2393)

Release 1.18

  • Added option to exclude files from the report (issue #2359: thanks to Xavier Le Vourch for providing a patch).
  • Fixed FileNotFoundExceptions if plug-in is used in a master slave setup (issue #2371).

Release 1.17:

  • Added a parser for JavaDoc warnings (issue #2358)
  • Added a parser for Eclipse compiler warnings (issue #2308)

Release 1.16:

  • Fixed display of number of warnings (all, high, normal, low)

Release 1.15:

Release 1.14:

  • Added configuration option to scan for warnings in arbitrary files rather than only in the build log.

Release 1.13:

  • Added support for SUN Studio C++ compiler warnings (issue #2281)
  • Added support for parsing and visualization of invalids of an Oracle database
  • Scan for files if the warning report references relative filenames only (issue #1733)
  • Fixed width and tooltips of the summary images that show the distribution per module, package, etc.
  • Fixed tab view rendering for internet explorer
  • Fixed display of filenames if there is no path segment in a filename (issue #1727)
  • Improved regular expression for MS build warnings (issue #1728)

Release 1.12:

  • Enhanced health and stability evaluation: added configuration of severities that should be considered during evaluation (issue #2003, issue #2202)
  • Fixed missing details tabs (issue #2284)

Release 1.11:

  • Added support for GCC compiler errors and warnings (thanks to Gregory Roth for providing this parser)

Release 1.10:

  • Show spinner image during loading of tab content.
  • Added number of items in the label of a tab.

Release 1.9:

  • Added dynamic loading of the tab content in the detail pages.

Release 1.8:

  • Improved regular expression for ANT warnings (issue #2133)

Release 1.7:

Release 1.6:

  • Added different help texts for maven or freestyle configuration
  • Parsing of ant build.xml or maven pom.xml files is now only done if the build runs with the corresponding runner (issue #1898)
  • Ignore maven projects without target folder (issue #1813)
  • Reduced mermory footprint of parser (issue #1960)
  • Fixed NPE during computation of new warnings (issue #2093)
  • "Zero warnings since build #x" indicator should work correctly now (issue #1533)
  • Height of trend graph can be changed for the m2 project type, too (issue #2115)

Release 1.5:

  • New file overview page that shows the distribution per file
  • Added source code links to warnings table
  • Added support for maven javac compiler warnings (issue #1839)
  • Show line number of files in all warning detail views (issue #1974)
  • Improved layout (css) of the tab

Release 1.4:

  • New result UI with drill-down and statistics of modules, packages, severities, categories, types, overview, details, fixed and new warnings
  • Added parsing of ANT build.xml files to extract the project name (issue #1560)
  • Improved parsing of Java files to extract the package name (issue #1828, issue #1829)
  • Don't abort this plug-in if the build failed (otherwise we will not see the errors)
  • Fixed source code tooltip (issue #1864)

Release 1.3:

  • Added support for javac warnings from ant tasks (report)
  • Ignore Hudson's auto-refresh option in detail pages
  • Only use successful builds as base for computing the new and fixed warnings

Release 1.2:

  • Added support for MSBuild warnings
  • Fixed backward compatibility with Hudson 1.180

Release 1.1:

  • Fixed missing configuration page 

Release 1.0:


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