Traffic Light Plugin

This plugin provides the functionality to use traffic light to indicate the status of the last build of a project.

If a build of an observed project starts, the traffic light will show the yellow lamp. If the build ends without any problems, it will change to green, otherwise (failed tests, aborted build, …) the red light will glow.
It is currently necessary to connect the traffic light to a “Net-PwrCtrl Home” of ANEL Elektronik AG or a "Infratech PM 211-MIP". Both power plugs can be used independently from each other. So it is possible to monitor one ore two projects with the two traffic lights.

Configuration for the net-control power plug:

plug number
color of traffic light

Configuration for the infratec power plug:

slave plug number
color of traffic light

The IP address and the observed projects can be configured through “Manage Hudson” -> “Configure System” under the term “Traffic light configuration”. If there is no address set for a power plug, it will be considered deactivated.

Known Issues:

Loss of configuration after update:
    Due to renamed properties, the old configuration will be considered invalid and has to be reentered.
Unnecessary checkbox in the project configuration:
    The configuration page of a project might show a checkbox with the explanation: „Controls traffic light according to the build status“
    This checkbox shall be removed, because it can confuse the user.

Future plans:
    -Support for an arbitrary number of  traffic lights.
    -UI enchancement of the configuration.

If you find other bugs, want to engage yourself in development, or have feature requests, you can get in contact with us under:

Build/Developed against Hudson v.
Source Code 1.372
Binary 1.372


  •  Support for multi-module projects:
    •   if one modules fails, the traffic light will be set to red and stays red
  • Support for a second traffic light
    •  o the "old" settings will be considered invalid
    •  o the settings have to be reentered
  • States of a traffic light is now modeled as a state machine
  • now build with Hudson 1.372


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