Tmp Cleaner Plugin

As hudson and/or plugins can create some temporary files.
This plugin allows you to cleanup jvm temporary files.
This plugin will cleanup the directory

New homepage
This plug-in is being maintained by its owner/maintainers from a new home. The plug-in is still compatible with Hudson, however, the entry points for documentation and issue reporting have been combined in order to provide a single point of entry.

Plugin Information

Plugin ID tmpcleaner
Latest Release 1.1
Latest Release Date Dec 29, 2011
Plugin Central Plugin Central 3.2
Sources Github
Support Eclipse Hudson Forum
Issue Tracking Eclipse Bugzilla
Hudson Core (latest) 3.3.3


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plugin-misc plugin-misc Delete
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  1. Jun 07, 2010

    Peter Schuetze says:

    This plugin looks like the right one for me. I have a Server-slave configuration...

    This plugin looks like the right one for me. I have a Server-slave configuration, where the server runs on Windows and the slaves run on AIX. In the /tmp directory there are several hudson-remoting.... folders that seem to be empty and need to be removed. I start my slaves through ssh and they only run on an as needed basis for specially assigned jobs. They shut down after 15 minutes of idle time. Since they are only used for deployment purposes they are usually up for a short time.

    Is this use case supported by the plugin? And would it work with the default parameter? If not, what should the settings be?