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Plugin ID timestamper
Latest Release 1.2.1
Latest Release Date Sep 07, 2010
Sources Subversion
Support Eclipse Hudson Forum
Issue Tracking Eclipse Bugzilla

Adds timestamps to the Console Output.


  • Install the plugin.
  • Enable it on the "Build Environment" section of the build configuration page.


21:51:15 Started by user anonymous
21:51:15 Building on master
21:51:17 Finished: SUCCESS


  • Hudson 1.374 or later.
  • Java 5 or later.

Formerly Incompatible Plugins:

Log Parser Plugin issue #7263 Compatible since 1.0.8 (Dec 14, 2010)
Warnings Plugin issue #7417 Compatible since 3.11 (Sep 23, 2010)
Email-ext plugin issue #7402 Compatible since 2.8 (Sep 15, 2010)

Release History

New releases may take a few hours to appear in the update center.

1.2.1 Sep 07, 2010
  • Timestamps no longer interfere with the Ant target highlighting.
1.2 Aug 29, 2010
  • More robust implementation; prevents errors that could arise for some build configurations.
    See HUDSON-7112 (Allow plugins to transform the BuildListener log output.)
1.1 Aug 01, 2010
  • Fixed HUDSON-7111 (Timestamper plugin causes Mercurial update to fail.)
1.0 Jul 31, 2010
  • Initial release.


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