Releasing Hudson

Hudson is released via

Log into Release VM

A Hudson release VM is setup at These are the release steps

  • ssh -p 2022 (Public key based login)
  • Check out the code - git clone
  • cd hudson

Stage the release

  • export MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m"
  • mvn release:prepare -DpushChanges=false
  • Remove all build targets
    rm -rf `find . -name "target" -print`
  • mvn release:perform -DlocalCheckout=true

QA Process and release

  • Go to and login. Click on the close button to push changes to staging as explained here
  • Work with QA to pick the staged version and verify the build
  • Once QA certifies, click on the release button to release the version to Maven Central

Set War  downloads

  • Copy the war file to <hudson-ci-ROOT>/downloads/war/<release-version>/hudson.war
  • Link  latest -> <latest-war-release>
  • Edit the index.html at <hudson-ci-ROOT>/downloads/war and add the latest version
  • Upload war file to

Create Redhat RPM

Create OpenSuse RPM

Create Debian Package

  • Before creating the debian package change <hudson-src>/packaging/debian/changelog to latest version and checkin the code
  • Clone a new copy of hudson source in the Ubuntu releaes VM.
  • Create Debian Package using source <hudson-src>/packaging/debian/ (in a Ubuntu VM)
  • Copy the Debian Package to <hudson-ci-ROOT>/downloads/debian
  • Link latest -> <latest-debian-package-release>
  • Gunzip the Packages.gz at <hudson-ci-ROOT>/downloads/debian and modify its contents to info about latest release. gunzip the file back
    (Note use to create the checksums use "openssl sha1 <filename>", "openssl md5 <filename>", "openssl dgst -sha256 <filename>")
  • Upload Debian Package  to

Modify Update Center JSON

  • Edit the <hudson-ci-ROOT>/update_center.json to modify the war version to the latest version

Push the sources and tag from the release workspace for next release.


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