NSIQ Collector Plugin

This plugin shows the lines of code and cyclomatic complexity from from extenal metric tools named N'SIQ Collector(http://dev.naver.com/projects/nsiqcollector).

Plugin Information

Plugin ID nsiqcollector
Latest Release 1.3.2
Latest Release Date Oct 21, 2010
Plugin Central Plugin Central 3.2
Sources Subversion
Support Eclipse Hudson Forum
Issue Tracking Eclipse Bugzilla
Hudson Core (latest) 3.3.3


  • N'SIQ Collector Plugin shows lines of code and cyclomatic complexity from extenal metric tools named N'SIQ Collector(http://dev.naver.com/projects/nsiqcollector)
    • N'SIQ Collector collects LOC and complexity from the designated folder without any complex options. If you run N'SIQ Collector on the some folder like following, It will scan files in the folder and generate two files(loc_result.html, complexity_result.html) on the folder.

      nsiqcollector folder_to_be_analyzed

    • You can easily filter files in the folder by configuring "filefilter.txt" file on the folder. You can see how to set up it in following URL. http://dev.naver.com/projects/nsiqcollector/wiki/%EB%B9%A8%EB%A6%AC%EC%8B%9C%EC%9E%91%ED%95%98%EA%B8%B0
      • filefilter.txt file is automatically generated in the target folder when you run nsiqcollector on the folder.

How to set up

  • Go to Hudson Configure ==> Assign N'SIQ Collector executable.
  • Go to Hudson Project Configure ==> Add "Execute N'SIQ Collector" BuildStep and assign folders to be analyzed.
    • If you want to use external filefilter.txt which is not in the assigned folders, assign it the FileFilter.txt location field.
  • Go to "Post Build Actions" and Click the "Publish the N'SIQ Collector" checkbox.
    • Check the options you want.
  • Build it!




  • Official Release


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