Locked Files Report Plugin

This debug plugin fails a build if there are locked files in the workspace at the begining or end of a build.

No longer maintained in the Hudson community

This plugin has moved it's development to the Jenkins infrastructure, which can be found at the new Jenkins Wiki page. Please report issues and find the latest versions in the Jenkins community.

This plugin is only thought to be used when figuring out why sometimes a SCM (or any other file) action fails as it can not delete files in the workspace.


Enable it in the project configuration and it will at begining and end of the build check if there are any locked files in the workspace.

If there are any locked files, a short summary will be displayed in the Build page.

Clicking on the Locked files page, will show a more detailed list of what files that was locked and by whatprocess.

Windows note

To be able to use the plugin on Windows, you must install Handle on all nodes that is going to use the plugin. Easiest is to add the handle.exe path to the PATH environmental variable, otherwise you must specify the path in System configuration.

handle.exe pops up an EULA dialogue the first time you run it;  if you are running Hudson as a Windows service as a user other than yourself, then you will have to run the exe with "run as..." the service user to accept the EULA once, otherwise you will find that handle.exe just hangs when run from hudson.



  • Fixed a parsing problem when the workspace folder was locked. (issue #8323)



  • Added support for Handle on windows.
  • Added support for lsof on *nix.


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