LiveRebel Deploy Plugin

LiveRebel Deploy Plugin for Hudson enables to update JEE Application servers and cluster without any downtime by skipping the traditional deploy cycle. This will mean less downtime, no lost sessions nor OutOfMemoryErrors.

Plugin Information

Plugin ID liverebel-deploy
Latest Release 2.5.2
Latest Release Date Nov 2, 2012
Plugin Central Plugin Central 3.2
Sources Github
Support Eclipse Hudson Forum
Issue Tracking Eclipse Bugzilla
Hudson Core (latest) 3.3.3

Prior to using this plugin you should have LiveRebel installed and configured. The plugin acts as glue code between the LiveRebel Command Center and your continous integration server.


tier3-hudson-plugin tier3-hudson-plugin Delete
liverebel liverebel Delete
deploy deploy Delete
plugin-upload plugin-upload Delete
plugin-post-build plugin-post-build Delete
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