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Plugin ID labelColumnView
Latest Release 1.8
Latest Release Date Jan 2, 2012
Plugin Central Plugin Central 3.2
Sources Github
Support Eclipse Hudson Forum
Issue Tracking Eclipse Bugzilla
Hudson Core (latest) 3.3.3

This plugin shows the last label of the last build of a job. This is controlled via a list view column you need to add to a view. You can then add a label column and add the jobs, which have a label to a textfield. This plugin does not really read the label via scm, because most people do the label mechanism in an external job/ant task i.e. At default behaviour the plugin only reads the job name and attaches the buildnumber at the end. As special behaviour you can specify the prefix of the label during configuring the view.


It is recommended you change your default view to either one you create, or follow the directions in Editing or Replacing the All View to allow the Label column to show up.
In the textfield "jobs with label" you have to name all jobs, which will show a label in the label column.
You have to separate the jobs with ";"
Input: DAILY;NIGHTLY;MIGRATION means in case of the job DAILY with last build #2017 the column view: DAILY-2017
You can also define a label prefix:
DAILY<01.02.39->;NIGHTLY;MIGRATION means in case of the job DAILY with last build #2017 the column view:

Change Log

  V1.8 @ 01-02-2012

  • fix bugs, due to some weird, strange code behaviour in job.getLastSuccessfulBuild in line 727 - now only the completed and the successfull builds will shown.

  V1.7 @ 10-15-2011

  • only the last successfull build will shown in the label view.

  V1.6 @ 10-08-2011

  • bugfix: fix display label getLastBuild number also in the special jobs, with own prefixes.

  V1.5 @ 10-06-2011

  • bugfix: Now the label column shows the correct build number, if job has more than 1000 builds.

   V1.3 @ 09-10-2011

  • plugin doesn't show the Label column in the ALL View by default now

   V1.0 @ 09-01-2011

  • initial release


Niko Mahle


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