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Plugin Information

Plugin ID JumbleHudsonPlugin
Latest Release 1.0
Latest Release Date Jan 11, 2012
Plugin Central Plugin Central 3.2
Sources Github
Support Eclipse Hudson Forum
Issue Tracking Eclipse Bugzilla
Hudson Core (latest) 3.3.3

This plugin allows you to capture jumble mutation testing report from Jumble. Hudson will generate the trend report of overall project score and also generate a report per build.

The plug in can be downloaded here.

Configuring the Jumble Plugin

  1. Install the cobertura plugin (via Manage Hudson -> Manage Plugins)
  2. Configure your project's build script to generate jumble XML reports
  3. Enable the "Jumble Report" in the post build actions section in the job configuration page.
  4. Specify the directory where the jumbleReport.xml report is generated.
  5. Configure the target score to reflect your goals.

Generating the Jumble report with Maven


Generating the Jumble report with Ant

You must first tell Ant about the Jumble tasks using a taskdef statement. The best place to do this is near the top of your build.xml script, before any target statements.

<property name="jumble.path" value="<path>/JumbleAnt-1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar"/>
<taskdef name="jumble" classname="com.jumble.JumbleTask" classpath="${jumble.path}" />

The jumble ant task is not yet integrated in the released jumble jar, we are working on getting the ant task release in the same jumble jar, meanwhile you can download the jumble with ant jar from here

Next you need to include the following call in one of your targets or create a new one to be executed in hudson.
In this example you will find a run jumble task that will perform the jumble score on all the compiled classes in the bin folder.

<target name="runJumble">
    <jumble appClasspath="app.path" jumbleClasspath="${jumble.path}" reportDir="./">
        <fileset dir="..\bin" includes="**\*.class" excludes="**\*Test.class"/>

Generated reports

Per build report

Each completed build that generated the jumble report will have a report with the score for each package/class in your system.
Here is an example of a package score breakdown:

And a class score breakdown for a given package:

You will also have a link in the job page to the latest jumble report.

Job Score trend graph

Once your job has at least 2 jumble reports, a graph with the score trend will appear on the job page.

In blue, you will find the score for each build, and in red is the target score you had set when that build ran.
This will let you quickly identify how big is the gap between you current score and your target score.
The graph is clickable as the JUnit report, you can click on any value in the graph and it will take you to that specific build.

Job Health Report

The build healt will reflect how far are you from your target score.

Version History

Version 1.0 (11-Jan-2012)

  • First freestyle job working release with jumble report per package/classes, job score trend graph and build health.


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