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The Jobconfig plug-in is being maintained by its owner/maintainers from a new home. The plug-in is still compatible with Hudson, however, the entry points for documentation and issue reporting have been combined in order to provide a single point of entry.

Saves copies of all job and system configurations.

Plugin Information

Plugin ID jobConfigHistory
Latest Release 1.9
Latest Release Date Dec 20, 2010
Plugin Central Plugin Central 3.2
Sources Github
Support Eclipse Hudson Forum
Issue Tracking Eclipse Bugzilla
Hudson Core (latest) 3.3.3

This plugin saves a copy of the configuration file of a job (config.xml) and the system of the for every change. So
you can see what changes have been made by which user (if you use security).

It also provides an overview page for every job automatically and for all jobs
as well as the system reachable from the main page.

Diffs between changes are possible in the job page as well.

Be Careful
If you use this plugin together with the Global Build Stats Plugin you should add global-build-stats to the excludes in the System configuration exclude file pattern section of this plugin in Configure System page.


Version 1.10-SNAPSHOT (not released yet)

Version 1.9 (Dec 20 2010)

  • Workaround for issue #6774, issue #6943 provided by John Borghi: http 500 error thrown whilst saving a job configuration although the changes are actually persisted, Save config results in IOException: Unable to delete....config.xml when "Do not save duplicate history" is selected, mostly a Windows/NFS problem.
  • Fix for issue #6924: Add global-build-stats to DEFAULT_EXCLUDE in
  • Added Spanish translation (release #33152)

Version 1.5 (May 31 2010)

  • Fix for issue #6655: JDK 1.5 compatibility. (Thanks to vlatombe)
  • Bugfix in exception handling

Version 1.4 (May 11 2010)

  • Fix for issue #5864: Plugin requires admin rights.
  • Provide the following additional features.  The configurations are optional and can be set via the "Manage Hudson"->"Configure System" link. (Many thanks to John Borghi and his team for this enhancement)
    •  Alternative root folder for storing history. This option must be used if interested in preserving configurations for deleted jobs.
    •  Setting for the maximum number of history configurations to keep (per item).  Leave blank or zero to keep all entries (no maximum).
    •  Option to not create a new history entry if it is the same as the last saved entry for that item.
    •  Allow saving of 'system' configurations - defined as those stored directly in HUDSON_ROOT.
    •  Regexp pattern for excluding system configuration files to save. Useful because some system configurations are not interesting to save. A recommended default value is provided.
    •  Enhanced UI for selecting versions to compare.
    •  Allow system configuration diffs to be viewed via the UI.

Version 1.3 (Apr 05 2010)

  • Fix for issue #6163: Job Config History badge is lost with newer versions of hudson.

Version 1.2 (Feb 12 2010)

  • Replaced the homegrown version of diff with gnu unified diff.
  • Fix for issue #5534: Access permissions are not taken into account when getting files via jobConfigHistory.
  • Fix for issue #5607: table entry for username was empty.

Version 1.1 (Feb 01 2010)

  • First version of this plugin as described in issue #2765.


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  1. Aug 18, 2010

    Frederic Camblor says:

    Hi ! I'm the global-build-stats plugin maintainer : where is the problem with t...

    Hi !

    I'm the global-build-stats plugin maintainer : where is the problem with the job config history plugin ?
    (looks like you're handling save() method on every model ?)

    Could I help in something ?
    If this is the case, don't hesitate