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Moving Hudson Under the Eclipse Foundation


Although the first phase of moving Hudson to Eclipse, the project proposal is complete, this is only the beginning of a longer road. This page documents the remaining steps and additional phases and will tie in other topics relating to the move to the Eclipse Foundation.

Phases in the Creation Review Process

This section collates the actions that must be completed in order to take this proposal through the next stage of the Eclipse process, namely the Creation Review process

Pre-review Phase

Action State Information
Proposal document created and submitted to the Eclipse Management Org(EMO)
Proposal document posted by the Eclipse EMO for review Proposal document
Monitor forum for feedback and Questions Ongoing monitoring required Forum Thread
Tracking record created in Eclipse Bugzilla to track the proposal Tracking Record
Identify mentors from the Eclipse Architecture Council Mik Kersten
Gunnar Wagenknecht
Trademark transfer to Eclipse Foundation Ongoing but not blocking
Define the initial set of committers Winston Prakash, Oracle (Project Lead)
Denis Tyrell, Oracle (Project Lead)
Geoff Waymark, Oracle
Duncan Mills, Oracle
Susan Duncan, Oracle
Jason van Zyl, Sonatype
Stuart McCulloch, Sonatype
Jason Dillon, Sonatype
Lucas Panjer, Tasktop
Doug MacEachern, VMware
Project leads identified Winston Prakash
Denis Tyrell
Bios for each committer See "Comitter Bios"
PMC approval email obtained and forwarded to EMO  
Meet qualitative requirements See sub-list below for breakdown
Schedule Creation Review Underway

Qualitative Requirements for Creation Review

Requirement Met? Comments
Enough Developers
Clear and Concise Description Although the forum has indeed had some traffic, none of this has related to the clarity of the proposal
Collaborations Inbuilt collaboration with both Mylin and Maven already obvious
Sufficient Time for the Community Minimum required time for public consultation has elapsed
Evidence of Activity We're in good shape here

Committer Bios

Winston Prakash Project Lead - Oracle Winston is a  Software Engineer at Oracle leading the Hudson Project. His past experience includes leading various Open Source projects at Sun Microsystems.   Primary expertise is in developing three-tier, data driven, AJAX enabled web applications using advanced Java EE Web technologies.  
Denis Tyrell Project Lead - Oracle Denis directs the engineering operations for Oracle's effort on Hudson. He also leads many software projects at Oracle as well as being involved in other open source projects. His role of ensuring the development schedule, review cycles and dev process will continue with Hudson @ Eclipse.
Geoff Waymark Oracle Geoff is a Test Engineer at Oracle who tests the staged Hudson releases as part of the current development process. He also commits automated integration tests to the Hudson project. With Hudson @ Eclipse he would continue in these roles.
Duncan Mills Oracle Duncan is a product manager at Oracle who currently looks after some of the infrastructure aspects of the current Hudson project including the maintenance of the Hudson-ci Website and mailing list moderation. With Husdon @ Eclipse he would continue with these core functions
Susan Duncan Oracle Susan is a product manager and specialist in Application Lifecycle Management in JDeveloper. Member of the dedicated Oracle team working on Hudson communication (wiki, website, social media etc) and issue management and would continue in this core role with Hudson @ Eclipse
Jason van Zyl Sonatype Jason is the founder of the Apache Maven project, the Plexus IoC framework, and the Apache Velocity project. Jason currently serves on the Apache Maven Project Management Committee. Jason's role on the Hudson project is focused on the development of Maven integration and the Hudson core itself.
Stuart McCulloch Sonatype Stuart is a Software Consultant at Sonatype working on dependency injection and modularization. Stuart helped develop the JSR 330 support in Hudson and is currently merging in the Maven 3, REST, and GWT contributions from Sonatype.
Jason Dillon Sonatype Jason is a Senior Software Engineer at Sonatype. Jason is the tech lead at Sonatype working on Hudson development, including the JSR-330, JAX-RS and Maven integration.
Lucas Panjer Tasktop Lucas Panjer is a Software Developer at Tasktop Technologies where he is advancing Hudson's core architecture, implementing a highly scalable multi-tenanted cloud build system
Doug MacEachern VMware Doug MacEachern is a principal engineer at VMWare / SpringSource. Doug is a recognized force within the open source community, having designed, implemented and maintained both generations of the mod_perl project and has contributed to other projects including Apache httpd/apr, Perl and PHP. Doug will be Working on Hudson core.

Creation Review

The creation review process itself does not involve a call, it will, however, require certain actions to be completed as listed above in the pre-review phase actions.

Action State Information
Creation review passed 23-29th June 2011

Post Creation Provisioning Phase

At this point we'll be in the parallel IP process where work can begin on getting the project into Eclipse whilst the IP is still being investigated

The major items to be worked on are:

  • Submit Initial Code Contribution (see below)
  • Develop the project website and wiki
  • Move core bugs from JIRA to Bugzilla - Documented here:
  • Identify any infrastructure and wiki/website updates for plugins

Initial Contribution

Documented here

Action State Information
Project provisioned    
Removal, replacement or alternate licensing of identified LGPL code See LGPL Cleanup list below
Namespace refactoring before check-in Package names to the org.eclipse.hudson format + suitable adaptors for plugins
Eclipse Copyright and License notices applied to source
Eclipse notices (about.html etc)  
Initial contribution packaged and attached to Bugzilla initial contribution issue
Fill in Contribution Questionnaire in the Foundation Portal  
Attach code contribution to Questionnaire when requested  

LGPL Cleanup

The following libraries are known to be a problem and need to be removed from the Core contribution codebase. They will either be replaced or abstracted out into plug-ins that can live externally from Eclipse.

Library Tracking Issue Complete Information Status
Java Native Access HUDSON-8847 Additional jars removed
Moved to an external plugin released from github for the Eclipse Alpha release.
Before the final release a HawtJNI plugin will be bundled in core to completely replace the JNA support.
JCIFS ( HUDSON-8843   dependency on one of the other libs listed in this table. Removed from core and bundled in appropriate external plugins as described in this table
XOM ( HUDSON-8845   as above
JCaptcha ( HUDSON-8844   Moved to an external plugin release from github. Available from Alpha release
JCommon ( HUDSON-8846   dependency on other libraries as JCIFS above
JFreeChart ( HUDSON-8846 This is removed as part of JFreeChart removal
Moved to an external plugin. Available from Alpha release. Any external plugins using JFreechart will need to add a dependency on this external plugin to maintain compatibility.
For future charting needs BIRT Charts is now bundled as a core plugin
According to the license - As of v0.8.1, all other files are dual-licensed, under either the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL) as described in LICENSE-LGPL.txt, or the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) as decribed in LICENSE-CDDL.txt. Until v0.8, the license used was the GNU Public License (GPL). Replaced by Jetty. Available from Alpha release. Over following milestone releases these will be added to core.

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  1. Jun 17, 2011

    Manfred Moser says:

    The license of Winstone has to be clarified and it has to be potentially removed...

    The license of Winstone has to be clarified and it has to be potentially removed from the core.

    1. Aug 04, 2011

      Winston Prakash says:

      I removed winstone and added Jetty as a container for standalone war

      I removed winstone and added Jetty as a container for standalone war