Hudson Sounds plugin

Plugin Information

Plugin ID sounds
Latest Release 0.2
Latest Release Date Dec 06, 2009
Plugin Central Plugin Central 3.2
Sources Subversion
Support Eclipse Hudson Forum
Issue Tracking Eclipse Bugzilla
Hudson Core (latest) 3.3.3

This plugin allows Hudson to play arbitrary audio clips as build notifications.


This plugin requires that:

  • Hudson's server machine has a working sound card and speaker.
  • Hudson's server machine's speaker is not in a remote server room where there's no one around to hear it. Preferably in audible range of the development team Hudson is working for.


Configuring build sounds

The build configuration allows you to select a sound to be played for any build state transition. You can configure:

  • for any possible build result
  • a list of previous build results
  • the sound to play

Customising the sound archive

Making a sound archive

The sound archive is a simple .zip or .jar file containing sound files.

Hudson analyses each file to detect whether it is a valid sound file supported by JavaSound. JavaSound supports AIFF, AU and WAV, see formats.

NOTE: The filename extension does not guarantee that the format is supported. If you have a file that doesn't play, try passing it though a conversion tool like

Hudson ignores the archive folder structure (to simplify packaging) and uses the file name less extension as an ID, so keep the archive flat, or avoid having the same filename in multiple folders.

Publishing your sound archive

Hudson Sounds can read an archive from the local filing system, or an HTTP URL.

  • publish the archive on a local web server and use http://
  • put the archive in Hudson's local filing system and use file://

NOTE: Hudson streams the audio from the archive for each event (to reduce memory requirements), so make sure it's not too far away.

Configure Hudson to use your archive

Within the Configure System section of Hudson Management locate the settings for Hudson Sounds.

Enter the path to the archive.

  • Absolute http:// and file:// URLs will be used unmodified.
  • URIs without a protocol will be assumed to be filing system references and converted to file:// URLs.

After changing the sound archive location URL you must save the form before being able to test the sounds.

The Test Sound advanced option shows a list of the sounds found in the archive and their supported format.


  • Version 0.2 (Dec 6th, 2009)
    • internal sound archive restored if empty archive location submitted
    • use classpath URI to internal archive
  • Version 0.1 (Dec 2nd, 2009)
    • Initial release


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  1. Dec 24, 2010

    Dieter De Meyer says:

    Hello, I find your plugin interesting but would it be possible to let this plug...


    I find your plugin interesting but would it be possible to let this plugin send the speech to a list of other machines on the same network?
    A lot the time, the Hudson server is not in the same room as the developers.

    Just a suggestion.