Hudson Mobi, the iPhone, iPod and Android client for Hudson CI

Hudson Mobi, keep an eye on CI.

The iPhone, iPod and iPad client for Hudson CI monitoring on the road.
HudsonMobi is a rich iPhone client that allows you to have all the CI jobs monitored and controlled at your fingertips.
Your iPhone becomes your central registry to all your CI instances over the network.
It is much more than a simple entry point to the Hudson web interface, it is a real mobile experience for making all the common monitor activities on Hudson Jobs immediate and effective with your iPhone, iPod and now with your Android phone !.

3-taps-2-monitor your builds on Android

HudsonMobi on Android is a new Widget that allows to start monitoring your jobs with 3 single taps:
1. Tap on HudsonMobi Widget icon
2. Enter the Hudson URL
3. Select your jobs ... and there you go

If you tap on the job status on the Widget, you open the full UI of HudsonMobi and you can control, schedule builds, contact people, check slaves status ... and all from your mobile phone !


> HudsonMobi Widget and Client: upgrade to the Ver. 2.1.2 available today in Android Market:

> HudsonMobi has been redesigned for iOS 4 and is available on the AppStore:

How to install HudsonMobi ?

iPhone and iPod
HudsonMobi is available at the AppStore, you can download it with iTunes or directly from your iPhone or iPod.
You can even just click on the following link:

Capture with your Android camera the following QR bar code to install HudsonMobi:

Alternatively you can click on the following link from your Android Web Browser:

What are the benefits provided by HudsonMobi ?

Access multiple Hudson CI instances over the Internet

Configure your Continuous Integration instances and access them securely over the Internet using HTTP or HTTP/S with either Challenge-Response or Form-based authentication. You do not need to remember credentials as usernames and passwords are safely stored in your iPhone.

Display Jobs status and history

Once connected to your Hudson CI instance, monitor the overall Jobs status and inspect the build history with just a single tap. Icons, colours and their blinking status are exactly as in Hudson CI Web console.

Analyse results and schedule a build.

Display and analyse the build exit status and if necessary schedule a new build or interrupt if it was currently running.

Hudson Users meet iPhone Contacts.

Extract the list of users from Hudson CI registry and put them to your iPhone Contacts. With a single tap create and send e-mails and messages for reacting on build status and actions.

Where to find more information and support on HudsonMobi ?

Explore HudsonMobi screenshots and functionalities:

Follow HudsonMobi news at:

Share your opinions and get support on-line at:


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  1. Apr 13, 2010

    Luca Milanesio says:

    Have a look on the iPhoneView at

    Have a look on the iPhoneView at, it seems to be another interesting iPhone integration.

    I am looking for a way to integrate them ... stay tuned