Google Analytics Plugin

This plugin decorates all web pages with the Google Analytics tracking script

No longer maintained in the Hudson community

This plugin has moved it's development to the Jenkins infrastructure, which can be found at the new Jenkins Wiki page. Please report issues and find the latest versions in the Jenkins community.

Use this plugin to add the google analytics tracking script to all web pages that are served by the Hudson installation.


To configure it, you just need to specify the profile id. The profile id can be found within the google analytics web site. If you already have the tracking script, look at the tracking code and copy the value within the _getTracker() as shown in this example: _gat._getTracker("AA-123456-2"); (the profile id is AA-123456-2).

If you want to track subdomains in one profile, you can specify the domain name in the configuration. For more details about tracking subdomains in one profile go here.

Change log

1.2 - (24 august 2009)

1.1 - (19 september 2008)

1.0 - (5 september 2008)

  • Initial revision


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