Features controlled by system properties

Hudson Features Controlled with System Properties

Hudson has several "hidden" features that can be enabled with system properties. System properties are defined by passing -D<property name>=<value> when you start Hudson. The following table lists the properties and the version of Hudson they were introduced in.

  • Property - Java property name
  • Default - Default value if not explicitly set
  • Version - The version of Hudson the property was introduced in
  • Notes - Other notes
Property Default Version Notes
hudson.ClassicPluginStrategy.useAntClassLoader false 1.316  
hudson.consoleTailKB 150   How many KB of console log to show in default console view
hudson.diagnosis.HudsonHomeDiskUsageChecker.freeSpaceTheshold 1073741824 1.339 The notification threshold for when the Hudson home directory is running low on disk space, in bytes.
hudson.diyChunking false   Set to true if the servlet container doesn't support chunked encoding.
hudson.DNSMultiCast.disabled false 1.359 Set to "true" to disable DNS multicast
hudson.Functions.autoRefreshSeconds 10 1.365 Number of seconds between reloads when Auto Refresh is enabled
hudson.lifecycle     Specify full class name for Lifecycle implementation to override default
hudson.matrix.MatrixConfiguration.useShortWorkspaceName false   Use shorter but cryptic names to avoid 256 character limit on paths in Cygwin
hudson.model.DownloadService.never false   Suppress the periodic download of data files for plugins
hudson.model.Hudson.flyweightSupport was:false
1.318 Matrix parent job won't consume an executor when true
hudson.model.Hudson.killAfterLoad false   Exit Hudson right after loading
hudson.model.Hudson.logStartupPerformance false   Log startup timing info
hudson.model.Hudson.parallelLoad true   Loads job configurations in parallel on startup
hudson.model.LoadStatistics.clock 10000   Load statistics clock cycle in milliseconds
hudson.model.LoadStatistics.decay 0.9   Decay ratio for every clock cycle in node utilization charts
hudson.model.Run.ArtifactList.listCutoff 16 1.330 More artifacts than this will use tree view or simple link rather than listing out artifacts
hudson.model.Run.ArtifactList.treeCutoff 40 1.330 More artifacts than this will show a simple link to directory browser rather than showing artifacts in tree view
hudson.model.UpdateCenter.never false   When true, don't automatically check for new versions
hudson.model.WorkspaceCleanupThread.disabled false   Don't clean up old workspaces on slave nodes
hudson.os.solaris.ZFSInstaller.disabled false   True to disable ZFS monitor on Solaris
hudson.remoting.Launcher.pingIntervalSec 600 1.367 Seconds between ping checks to monitor health of slave nodes; 0 to disable ping
hudson.remoting.Launcher.pingTimeoutSec 240 1.367 If ping of slave node takes longer than this, consider it dead; 0 to disable ping
hudson.PluginStrategy     Allow plugins to be loaded into a different environment, such as an existing DI container like Plexus; specify full class name here to override default ClassicPluginStrategy
hudson.scheduledRetention false Up to 1.354 Control a slave based on a schedule
hudson.scm.CVSSCM.skipChangeLog false   Useful with ancient versions of CVS that don't support the -d option in the log command
hudson.security.csrf.requestfield .crumb 1.310 Parameter name that contains a crumb value on POST requests
hudson.security.ExtendedReadPermission false 1.324 The ExtendedReadPermission allows read-only access to adminstrative pages; can also enable with extended-read-permission plugin
hudson.security.ArtifactsPermission false 1.374 The Artifacts permission allows to control access to artifacts; When this property is unset or set to false, access to artifacts is not controlled
hudson.security.LDAPSecurityRealm.groupSearch Mouseover   LDAP filter to look for groups by their names
hudson.security.WipeOutPermission false
Allows to manage "workspace wipe out" action permissions.
hudson.tasks.ArtifactArchiver.warnOnEmpty false   When true, builds don't fail when there is nothing to archive
hudson.tasks.MailSender.maxLogLines 250   Number of lines of console output to include in emails
hudson.TreeView false   Experimental nested views feature
hudson.triggers.SCMTrigger.starvationThreshold 1 hour   Milliseconds waiting for polling executor before trigger reports it is clogged
hudson.udp 33848   Port for UDP multicast broadcast
hudson.upstreamCulprits false 1.327 Pass blame information to downstream jobs
hudson.Util.noSymlink false   True to disable creation of symbolic links in job/builds directories
hudson.util.ProcessTree.disable false   True to disable cleanup of child processes
hudson.util.Secret.provider   1.360 Force a particular crypto provider; with Glassfish Enterprise set value to SunJCE to workaround a known issue.
hudson.Util.symlinkEscapeHatch false   True to use exec of "ln" binary to create symbolic links instead of native code
No compatibility guarantee
In general, these switches are often experimental in nature, and subject to change without notice. If you find some of those useful, please file a ticket to promote it to the official feature.


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