Development Lifecycle

Use this page to examine the development lifecycle of Hudson

Process Governance

Process documents to help define the governance of the Hudson project are now available on the Documents page of the website

Any comments you have relating to this process can be recorded and tracked [here] . When commenting, please be sure to refer to the reference number of the section or paragraph that you have the comment on.


Unit Testing

Hudson on Hudson is running unit tests against core and some plugins.

Functional Testing

As part of the proposed release process the Oracle-based Hudson QA team has start started to look at the functional areas of the Hudson core (including Tier 1 plugins).

Here is an initial list of functional areas that will form the basis of functional testing in the future. Please comment on this list (using the comments area of that page)

The functional areas will then be used to create test specs so we can run them for the pre-stage testing of the proposed development process as part of each sprint.

Once we get up to speed with the core, we will start including Tier 2 plugins to the test certification suite as well, and eventually more and more of the plugins. Plugin writers will have the opportunity to create and submit automated tests for their plugins that will be run as part of the certification process for new releases.

For release 1.398 Tier 2 plugins were checked for successful install only, no functional testing was done

Continual Upgrade Testing

To ensure stability while the Hudson core is going through the development and release cycle the Oracle-based Hudson QA team have a internal Hudson test server which runs with the latest weekly SNAPSHOT build.

This test server is run using the self extracting war in the default Winstone container. It uses ssh slave remoting to Linux slaves, and JNLP for windows systems.It's based on a production Hudson server instance that is used for build, test, and coverage statistics.

The Core and Tier1 plugins are upgraded with each new SNAPSHOT tested, and a selection of Tier 2 plugins are also installed from the update center. This approximates to about 20 plugins at the moment. We hope to grow the testing of the Tier 2 plugins so we more accurately represent their use in production Hudson systems.

The jobs running on the system take from between 20 minutes and 3 hours to run and they work the master and slaves continually.

We will not release a candidate build until it has run internally for at least two days with no unexpected problems.

Releasing Hudson

Hudson is released via

This page documents the process steps in releasing Hudson


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