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Plugin ID dashboard-view
Latest Release 2.9.2-h-1
Latest Release Date Sep 19, 2013
Plugin Central Plugin Central 3.2
Sources Github
Support Eclipse Hudson Forum
Issue Tracking Eclipse Bugzilla
Hudson Core (latest) 3.3.3

This plugin contributes a new view implementation that provides a dashboard / portal-like view for your Hudson instance.


This plugin contributes a new view implementation that provides a dashboard / portal-like view for Hudson.

Add new view

On the Hudson main page, click the + tab to start the new view wizard (If you do not see a +, it is likely you do not have permission to create a new view).  On the create new view page, give your view a name and select the Dashboard type and click ok.  

Configure dashboard view

The configuration is done in 2 parts, selecting the Hudson jobs to include in the view, and selecting which dashboard portlets to have included in the view.  The jobs that you select are used for all the portlets to draw their information from.

Select jobs

Select the list of jobs to include in the dashboard. This is exactly the same process as the standard list view that comes with Hudson.

Also a regular expression can be used to specify the jobs to include in the view.


  • Show standard hudson list at the top of the page: shows uses standard hudson jobs list as it would be when using Hudson's built-in  'List View' type.

Select portlets

Configure which portlets you want to see on the top and on the left and the right column.  Each portlet may have its own configuration but at a minimum it requires a name to be given to it.
Click ok and the dashboard configuration will be saved and you will be brought to the dashboard view itself.

View layout

The dashboard view supports a layout with rows spawning the entire view with 2 column below.

Top portlet 1........
Left portlet 1
Right portlet 1
Left portlet 2
Right portlet 2
Bottom portlet 1...

Core portlets

The dashboard view comes with a number of portlets that you can configure your view with (New portlets can be contributed to Hudson via other plugins, even your own).

Standard hudson jobs list

This portlet shows a row for each job showing the standard columns configured in hudson. All the configured portlets are displayed below this list.

Jobs Grid

The jobs grid portlet displays a 3 column table with the current status and a clickable link to the job.  This offers a more compressed presentation of your jobs than the standard 1 row per job view, albeit at the cost of some job information.

Unstable Jobs

This portlet lists the unstable jobs within the view.  Note, this does not necessarily list all of Hudson's unstable jobs, but only looks at jobs configured for this view.

Test Statistics Grid

The test statistics grid shows detailed test data for the configured jobs.  This is useful to get an aggregated count of tests across the jobs in your view.

Test Statistics Chart

This is a pie chart of the tests in the configured jobs.  It shows the passing, failing, and skipped jobs with the total # and percentages.

Test Trend Chart

This is a chart that shows your tests over time in aggregate.  The logic is that for every day since the first job in the view was built, it shows the total number of passing, skipped and failing tests in aggregate across the build.  It assumes that if a build did not occur on a given day, that the previous day's build results (or the previous-previous day, etc.) will be used.

Jobs statistics

Shows statistics based on jobs health.

Build statistics

Shows statistics based on build status.

Extending the Dashboard View plugin

Much of the benefit of this plugin will be realized when other plugins that enhance Hudson offer support for it.

Add support in your plugin:

  • Extend the DashboardPortlet class and provide a descriptor that extends the Descriptor<DashboardPortlet>
  • Create a jelly view called portlet.jelly
  • Optionally create a jelly view called main.jelly to be used when the portlet is in maximized mode (otherwise the same portlet.jelly view will be used)

It is possible to define custom parameters for the DashboardPortlet. The displayName is always required. To add new parameters:

  • create a jelly file called config.jelly to be used when the portlet is configured (added to the view in 'Edit View' config page);
  • modify constructor (with @DataBoundConstructor) to receive the new parameters.

Looking at the source code of this plugin will show a number of examples of doing this. The core portlets do the same thing that your plugin would do.

On your plugin Wiki page, add the label supports-dashboard-view so that it will show up in the list below.

Other plugins that support the Dashboard View

Analysis Collector Plugin — This plug-in is an add-on for the plug-ins Checkstyle, Dry, FindBugs, PMD, Task Scanner, and Warnings: the plug-in collects the different analysis results and shows the results in a combined trend graph. Additionally, the plug-in provides health reporting and build stability based on these combined results.
Release Plugin — This plugin adds the ability to wrap your job with pre- and post- build steps which are only executed when a manual release build is triggered.
Static Code Analysis Plug-ins
Task Scanner Plugin — This plugin scans the workspace files for open tasks and generates a trend report.
Checkstyle Plugin — This plugin generates the trend report for Checkstyle, an open source static code analysis program. 
PMD Plugin — This plugin generates the trend report for PMD, an open source static code analysis program. 
DRY Plugin — This plugin generates the trend report for duplicate code checkers like CPD.
FindBugs Plugin — This plugin generates the trend report for FindBugs, an open source program which uses static analysis to look for bugs in Java code. 
Warnings Plugin — This plugin generates the trend report for compiler warnings in the console log or in log files.


  • Use 'div' instead of 'table' to place portlets in the page.

Version History

Version 1.9 (Development)

  • Allow to hide/show portlets directly from the dashboard (without having to go to the configuration page); see issue #7465
  • Allow to specify a range of dates for TestTrendGraph portlet (use 0 to auto-adjust the range) issue #7596
  • Supported near 100 and near 0 percents in test statistics grid issue #7913
  • Fixed bug issue #7595

Version 1.8.2 (01/20/2011)

  • Added Japanese translation.

Version 1.8.1 (09/16/2010)

  • Allow to configure standard view parameters for Dashboard View issue #6618

Version 1.8 (09/15/2010)

  • Added some italian translations
  • The configuration page has been re-organized
  • Allow to specify width of left and right columns in dashboard view (percentage or fixed width) issue #7429

Version 1.7 (08/12/2010)

  • Show job description tooltip and build description tooltip issue #7107
  • Allow parametrization of graph width and height for 'Test Trend Graph' Portlet issue #6811
  • Allow parametrization of number of builds used for 'Latest Builds' portlet issue #7090
  • Keep 'standard' order for jobLink: build status - health status - job name issue #6611
  • Added i18n to some parts of the plugin

Version 1.6 (05/20/2010)

  • Added health icon in custom jobLink
  • Added 'title' attribute to img tags
  • Added default name on portlet add issue #5952
  • Added unique id to each portlet (within the same dashboard/view) issue #6118

Version 1.5 (04/02/2010)

  • Fixed 'Last 10 builds' showing always bullet from last build issue #6091
  • Fixed 'Last 10 builds' doesn't filter jobs issue #6106
  • Allowing to hide disabled jobs when not using regexp

Version 1.4 (03/25/2010)

  • Fixed standard hudson list view visualization problem

Version 1.3 (03/05/2010)

WARNING: if upgrading from a previous release, all the dashboard views must be edited and saved (also without modifying anything) to correctly work with this version.

  • Layout: added top portlets (portlets that spawn the entire page width) and are shown above the left and right portlets issue #5759
  • New portlets:
    • standard hudson jobs list issue #5691
    • Jobs statistics
    • Build statistics
  • Added option to show standard hudson jobs list before displaying all the portlets issue #5814

Version 1.1 (11/15/2009)

  • Fixed issue with Unstable Jobs portlet where content was empty if builds were being actively run
  • New option on regular expression job inclusion to prevent disabled jobs from appearing
  • Supports single column view if only portlets are only specified for left or right column

Version 1.0 (10/11/2009)

  • Initial release


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