Commercial Support

Oracle - Coming Soon

Interested in enterprise grade support for your Hudson installation. Oracle will shortly be providing a 24x7 support package just for you - watch this space.


NIS, offers support, training and consulting on Continuous Integration, Maven and Hudson in Italy.

Frank Eckert EDV-Service

Frank Eckert EDV-Service offers support and consulting on Continuous Integration, Configuration Management, Maven, Redmine, Subversion, CVS and Hudson in Germany.


Zenika offers support, training and consulting on Continuous Integration, Maven, Gradle and Hudson in France, United Kingdom and Greece.


Praqma offers consulting, training and software development on Continuous Integration, Release Strategies, Software validation and tool integrations.
We develop and fix Open Source Plugins and push enhancements and changes back to the community.

Ask us about Hudson, ClearCase, Bazaar, Mercurial, Subversion, Unit testing, automated testing, Coverage tools, FDA appliance issues, static code testing, code-reviews....
We don't charge you for asking ;-) so ask us anything - others have asked and the answers are available to Public Domain as Copy Left on

We are located in Denmark, Copenhagen area, but we have solved problems through out all of Europe and at Off-Shore teams in both India and China.

Centrum Systems (Australia)

Are you facing these challenges as you try to meet your delivery commitments?

  • It takes a long time for projects or new development resources to become productive.
  • Inability to scale resources or development partners to meet business demands.
  • Inconsistent quality of software deliverables across project teams or suppliers.
  • Error prone manual build processes which are difficult to scale
  • Inconsistent application of tools and processes resulting in key resource dependencies.
  • Dependency on hero factor in software deployments – asking too much of individuals to successfully implement software.
  • Uncertainty around the impact of change
  • Lack of visibility of the quality or status of change until late in the delivery lifecycle.
  • Spiralling costs of change due to ever increasing technical debt

Centrum have developed an offering we call Software Delivery Mastery (SDM). We can help in the following areas:

  • Software build process
  • Continuous integration
  • Deployment automation
  • Automated inspection and testing
  • Environment provisioning and configuration management
  • Project inception / developer on-boarding.

For information about how we can help you please contact us or visit


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