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Plugin Information

Plugin ID ccm
Latest Release 2.5
Latest Release Date Dec 21, 2010
Plugin Central Plugin Central 3.2
Sources Subversion
Support Eclipse Hudson Forum
Issue Tracking Eclipse Bugzilla
Hudson Core (latest) 3.3.3

This plug-in generates reports on cyclomatic complexity for .NET code.


The CCM plug-in uses CCM to scan .NET source code for Cyclomatic Complexity. The plugin uses the information that you provide in the build step configuration to make a configuration file inside the job workspace. Then it calls the CCM.exe tool passing this configuration file. The output of the command is redirected into another XML. Finally, if you marked to publish CCM results, it collects data about the Cyclomatic Complexity throughout the build history and builds a trend graph for you. Nice ahn?


Configure System page

Adding a CCM build step to a job

Project CCM Trend Graph (available only when you have more than 2 builds with CCM data)

Build Results


  1. Download and install CCM (
  2. Activate the CCM plug-in from the Hudson Plugin Manager
  3. Define a CCM configuration from the Configure System page.
  4. Add a CCM build step in the job you want scan the Cyclomatic Complexity.
  5. Check the option Publish CCM Report to view CCM results and Trend Graph.

Languages Supported

  1. American English
  2. Portuguese
  3. Spanish

Want to see this plug-in in your language? Send us an e-mail and we will get in touch with the text that needs to be translated.


Your feedback is very welcomed, but you don't need donate money, nay. You can drop a message in [] with suggestions and ideas (or even patches).

The company that I work with (Sysmap Solutions) sponsored this project. If you liked this project, please drop a message to my company supporting this initiative. This way I can continue supporting this project and contributing to the community.

Compatibility Matrix

Plugin 1.0.x 1.1 2.5
CCM 0.8+ 1.0.2+ 1.0.4+
Hudson 1.366+ 1.366+ 1.388+
Error formatting macro: jiraissues: java.lang.RuntimeException: Not Found


Maven site with reports (cobertura, PMD, javadoc, etc):

Release Notes

Release 2.5
  1. Finished Portuguese translation
  2. Added Spanish language support
  3. BUG-8165 - Failed to load hudson.plugins.ccm.CCMBuilder at hudson startup on hudson version 1.384 with current version of CCM plug-in (thanks to
    abjoshi for reporting)
  4. BUG-8336 - When using CCM with a parameterized build, report generation fails because the parameters are passed to ccm.exe and treated as source folders (thanks to Iristyle for reporting)
  5. Created maven site
Release 1.1
  1. i18n. Now CCM supports English and Brazilian Portuguese.
  2. Rename class CCMBuilderDescription to CCMBuilderDescriptor to keep source code following the standard of names found in many plug-ins code.
  3. Add help info for all options seen by the user (the ? blue icon)
  4. Allow the user to define the output file name. (Not implemented)
  5. Remove unused class files in source code.
  6. Let the user define multiple source folders instead of only one.
  7. Let the user define multiple exclusion filters (files, folders and functions). According to CCM 1.0.2 configuration file.
Release 1.0.1
  1. BUG-7522 - The plugin wasn't ready to behave in distributed Hudson. (thanks to svenborman for reporting and help testing)
  2. BUG-7531 - The execution command was compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7, however in Windows 2003 it needed double quotes added to work out properly. (again thanks to svenborman for reporting and help testing)
Release 1.0
  1. First version of the plug-in (the development was guided based on the source code of the following plug-ins: Violations, Tasks, Seleniumhq and Sonar).


No Roadmap yet.


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