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Plugin Information

Plugin ID analysis-collector
Latest Release 1.28-h-1
Latest Release Date Jul 27, 2012
Plugin Central Plugin Central 3.2
Sources Github
Support Eclipse Hudson Forum
Issue Tracking Eclipse Bugzilla
Hudson Core (latest) 3.3.3

This plug-in is an add-on for the plug-ins Checkstyle, Dry, FindBugs, PMD, Task Scanner, and Warnings: the plug-in collects the different analysis results and shows the results in a combined trend graph. Additionally, the plug-in provides health reporting and build stability based on these combined results.

New homepage
The static code analysis plug-ins have been moved to a new home. The plug-ins are still compatible with Hudson, however, the entry points for documentation and issue reporting have been moved to the new Jenkins site in order to provide a single point of entry.

Quick Overview

Installation Requirements
This plug-in requires the utility plug-in "analysis-core" (called "Static Analysis Utilities" in the update manager). Please ensure that the latest version of this plug-in is also installed.


With the Analysis Collector plug-in you can combine the analysis results of Checkstyle, Dry, FindBugs, PMD, Task Scanner, and Warnings. The plug-in itself does not compute analysis results, it just works on the results of the other plug-ins. I.e., you need to install at least two of the analysis plug-ins in order to gain some additional functionality. Besides that, the plug-in works in the same way as the other plug-ins. If you activate the plug-in in the job configuration page, then you get:

  • Build summary showing the new and fixed warnings of a build
  • Several trend reports showing the number of warnings per build
  • Overview of the found warnings per module, package, category, or type
  • Detail reports of the found warnings optionally filtered by severity (or new and fixed)
  • Colored HTML display of the corresponding source file and warning lines:
    • Direct link to the warning line
    • Highlighting of single lines as well as line ranges
    • Highlighting of multiple line ranges per warning (different color for primary range)
    • Tool tip describing the warning message
  • Failure threshold to mark a build as unstable
  • Configurable project health support
  • Works with the freestyle and native m2 build option of Hudson
  • Remote API to export the build quality and found warnings
  • Localization available for: DE (Please help to localize the analysis collector for your locale!)

The plug-in also contains a new trend graph type that shows the total number of warnings of each participating plug-in. If you don't need the trend graphs of the other plug-ins anymore then you can set the corresponding check box in the configuration screen to disable these other trend reports.



Additionally, this plug-in provides some portlets for the Dashboard View:





The current release is available in the download section. This plug-in is developed and maintained by Ullrich Hafner. Please use the Hudson mailing lists or issue tracker to ask questions, create feature request or bug reports, since I don't read the comment section on this page regularly.


Release 1.9

  • Fixed sorting of date labels of dashboard trend graphs (issue #8476)
  • Fixed evaluation of builds that will be considered in the dashboard trend graph (issue #8283)

Release 1.8

  • Added build status thresholds for each warning priority (issue #3561)
  • Improved performance of plug-in initialization (issue #7370)

Release 1.7

  • Fixed description of plug-in in update manager (issue #6966)
  • Fixed computation of module names for maven projects (issue #6768)
  • Don't report an error message if a maven module does not contain a report file (issue #6895)
  • Fixed ant links (issue #6862)

Release 1.6

Release 1.5

  • Fixed broken links to project page and overview image (issue #6417)

Release 1.4

  • Added trend graph portlets for the dashboard view
  • Added 'enlarge' link for trend graphs that shows a detail page with the graph
  • Fixed ordering of warnings in detail views (issue #6132)
  • Fixed warning distribution graph in files detail view (issue #6139)

Release 1.3

Release 1.1

  • Added a portlet for the dashboard view (issue #4832)
  • New warnings computation is now based on the current build and the reference build (i.e., the last successful build, see issue #5147)
  • Visualized plug-in build status (based on the healthiness thresholds)
  • Added high scores for successful builds
  • Don't show project action if there are no warnings (issue #5473)
  • Don't show trend graph configuration on job creation (issue #5294)
  • Improved remote API, now the warning keys are also exposed (issue #5195)

Release 1.0

  • Initial release


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